of aging and loss of bladder control

Not me, despite a series of post pregnancy bladder infections and a penchant for coffee and lots of water, my bladder is holding up just fine.

My dog‘s isn’t.

We had the second indoor accident this morning and there would have been several more in the intervening days had we not been so paranoid about taking him outside at the slightest indication. So, this morning, it was off to the vets. The one-off has become an issue. It’s either a bladder infection or a progression of his kidney disease. Or a bladder infection because of the progression of his kidney disease. And, when taken in the context of a weight loss, a dramatic increase in shedding and apparent constant hunger, the kidney disease creeps up to the top of the list.

He’s on antibiotics – he does have a slight fever. He’s to take his emergency pain meds regularly for a few days to help with his discomfort and he’s adding omega-3s to his vitamin regime. He’s been poked in more places than anyone – puppies included – deserve to be poked and, after all is said and done, he’s no worse for wear, but Mastercard has 350 more reasons to like me. But we’ll know more of what we’re dealing with come Monday and most of his test results come back.

We’ll know even more in a few weeks after his ultrasound for his heart and kidneys is done. Did I mention he has an arrhythmia too?

Poor bugger. This getting old thing sucks.

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