YouTube: you, too, are assholes??

Oh, hell.

As soon as I go back to YouTube for my Sunday Editions because Blogger video is acting all sketchy. As soon as I convince myself that it’s okay to pull the facebook sucks banner, because it all seems to have died down a little. As soon as I’m discussing breastfeeding with my pregnant co-worker and mourning the existence of rabid lactivist nurses degrading new moms who are having difficulty trying to nurse.

YouTube has banned the breastfeeding montage put together by the League of Maternal Justice – the one that was formerly available in this QR post. Please note that this QR post has my photo that appeared in the montage. It’s posted and still quite viewable here, on Blogger. Owned by Google. Who also owns YouTube. Incestuous and inconsistent…

What are these YouTube people thinking? Do they pull stuff down after x number of complaints, regardless of content, context or common sense? Are they willing to provide a reasoned response? Okay, for the answer to that last question, keeping checking in with the League. In the mean time, think about having a say: [pillaged from the League’s site, with their blessings]

1. Email congressional reps (link to – enter your zip, and it returns all three addresses/home pages for your location) and Parliament members (link to – enter your postal code, and it returns addresses/home pages of Parliament members) and ask them to tell YouTube/Google that removal of the video is socially and legally unacceptable.

2. Create a short video (not breastfeeding) that is tagged and titled “Message to YouTube” (feel free to include any other tags, including League of Maternal Justice, Breastfeeding, Health, etc). and tell them what you think about this. Tell them that breastfeeding is NOT obscene.

YouTube is calling for these videos and we’re more than happy to oblige. Make sure to send us your YouTube video link!

3. Write a post and include these same directions on your own blogs and send us the permalinks (or leave them in the comments).

4. Return to the LMJ call to action post (where permalinks will be linked up) and post/vote for others’ posts on bookmarking sites.

5. Submit our press release to online media outlets and social bookmarking sites (Reddit, Stumbleupon, etc.), get your message boards involved, send to your local reporters, or any national news contacts.

That video response? I’ve a Sunday Edition coming up … well, this Sunday. That’ll be that, then.

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