mid week photo op

So, here’s the problem.

You start out looking at one or two vehicles. And those vehicles are situated in dealerships next to other dealerships. So you think, hey, maybe there’s something there, too. And then there is. And then you get more brochures and do a few more test drives.

And then life just gets far more complicated than it needed to be…

3 responses to “mid week photo op

  1. Make up one of those cross table things… without thinking about any of the vehicles, make a list of things the vehicle needs, and things it would be nice to have.

    Then list the vehicles across the top, and tick the items off. See which gets the best ticks versus value.

  2. sigh. I know, I know. there is the one that fits the bill – in both senses – and a good part of me figures that’s the one.

    but there is that really, really loud, but little (ha!) part of me that really, really wants the pretty one 🙂

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