withdrawal, I tell you! withdrawal!

Where is Grey’s Anatomy?? [the tv show, not the text book] A new episode is supposed to be on this very second. Instead, an old episode started a half hour late. Last week, I was left with betrayal, death and blood – oh, so much blood! – and this week I have nothing. I am now the the one betrayed for reasons unknown, though probably monetary or sports-related in nature. Or both.

I’m not one of Those People who is addicted to tv. In the grand scheme of things, I think I watch very little. But, damn it, what I do watch, I want to watch! And that is Grey’s Anatomy. Now.

Apparently, TiVo is coming to Canada soon. I may be adding it to my Christmas list. [bah! Christmas! don’t get me started…]

See? Even though I was going to be blogging through the hypothetical new Grey’s episode, I could have come up with a coherent post, because all would have been right with the world. But now? You get this.

Complaints or concerns for my sanity may be directed to ABC.

3 responses to “withdrawal, I tell you! withdrawal!

  1. Aw man, recess conversation won’t be nearly as fun tomorrow! I can’t watch it on Thursdays, so I usually jsut get the rundown from all the teachers who talk about it.

    A victim of the writer’s strike, perhaps? Either way, suckity-suck-suck!

  2. oh tivo is the best invention of the 20th century. I could not leave w/out it, and I am not exagerating.

  3. I was disgusted when I tuned in and realized it was a rerun. I think it is possibly due to the writer’s strike…or the fact that it is the end of November Sweeps and we will be thrown into reruns until after the holiday season. Sometimes I wonder why we veiwers put up with the stuff the networks pull.

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