a little weepy

And a little gunky.

We [and by we, I mean the Magpie] has an eye infection. A run of the mill icky, sticky conjunctivitis, as determined by both the doctor who happened to be in the grocery store with us while we were killing time waiting for our walk in appointment, and the doctor of the walk in appointment. It seems pink eye made an appearance at day care a few weeks ago. We’re just a little slow on the uptake.

So, we have eye drops. And they are working like a hot damn but – damn! – is it not fun getting those drops into said eyes. Consider the fact that the toddler who needs these drops is battling a cold with stuffy nose and is a little prone to being tired and cranky to begin with, and our day just gets that much more interesting.

Maybe we’ll get the bed to ourselves tonight…

At least the doctor gave us a week’s worth of drops for a three or four day regimen: in case one of us get the highly contagious eye infection too. yaaaaay…

pssst: the Great Breast Fest Montage has been reposted!! Go check it out and give it lots of hits and ratings!

3 responses to “a little weepy

  1. This is one of the things I’m not looking forward to once our adoption goes through – caring for children who are too young to understand that they will get better, and that you can’t fix their cold or cough there and then…

  2. Oh do I KNOW about pink eye! I just had it myself last month but managed not to give it to the kids. I promise I didn’t get it to Magpie!

  3. I’ve only had it once. I think that b/c of our home schooling the kids have never gotten it. Thank goodness. If they somehow get it in the next few days, though, I will come back and haunt this blog.. LOL

    Hey, sexy shoes over there.. Off to watch the vid. 😉

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