mid week photo op

Every time I have to write something out, I’m always appalled and dismayed at the deterioration of my penmanship – or pencilwomanship, as the case may be. Here, we have an example that, although written on a crowed, tippy little table, was actually fairly carefully scribed.

No, seriously. This is my make sure it’s legible handwriting. Thank god there were lines on the page.

While some of my letters have stayed the same or even improved with practice, most have become quick, vague shadows of their former selves.

But I type. For the most part, I type. I do have to document a fair bit by hand at work, but I print slowly and methodically then. So, why worry about a little messy to do list? Sadly, I like handwriting. The doing, the overall aesthetic of a written page, the quirks of each person’s hand.
I’d just like my quirks to not cause squinting.

3 responses to “mid week photo op

  1. Lol, I know what you mean. Mine is the same. Typing is just SO much faster, and when I do go to write something I’m appalled at the state of my handwriting, and how quickly my hand gets sore.

  2. One day I will scan a page from my Moleskine. You can all laugh at my scribble.

    Go on. Dare me.

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