silent night

We have turned off the baby monitor.

Okay, so not all the time, like when we’re three floors away [it’s a tall, narrow place, this townhouse], but at night, when all is quiet and we’re literally 10 feet apart, we turn off the monitor. I thought I would revel in the ability to sleep, unimpeded by snorts, squeaks, shuffles and the occasional, but guaranteed, horrendously loud crash as a limb flailed, unfettered, into the side of the crib.

Those crashes almost never woke her up.

A week later, we’re now only just getting over the did she stop breathing?? paranoia. It is quieter; those damned monitors amplify the sound of cat hair catching on a dust bunny, I swear. But, there is one thing we no longer hear that is important: we can’t tell if the soother has fallen out of the crib.

And that makes a huge difference as to whether or not we’ll drag our asses out of bed to investigate a fuss. If a soother hit the ground, get yourself in there NOW and head off an out and out melt down. If the soother is present, the fuss is likely a blip soon to be soothed and your presence is likely to do far more harm than good. We could, of course, get rid of the soother.


Sorry – needed a moment to regroup after that one. Anyway, we could get rid of the soother. Daycare has managed to eliminate it at naptimes, but we have no idea how they did that. But I think we’re both at peace with having a little more peace and quiet in the bulk of our sleep, for the few extra soother potential interruptions that occur. At the risk of mixing trite sayings [no risk – I’m flat out about to], silence truly is golden and a silent night makes for much more peace on earth… once we really and truly get over not hearing her every breath. And then we’ll introduce a pillow and start all over again.

YouTube got their act together!!

4 responses to “silent night

  1. I have nothing but respect. Really.

    The youngest in our adoption will be two and a bit. She is already past that stage.

    I’m not sure if I should feel lucky, or if I am missing out somehow?

  2. I know this wasn’t the point but cat hairs against dust bunnies? Oh dear I’m still laughing!

  3. I was just thinking about this last night. Michael is 2.5 and we still use the monitor. I think it might be time to give it up.

  4. Oh, Jenn, you are just too too funny! The same line which made SMID snort still has me chuckling too…
    And life without soothers? NOT. WORTH. LIVING.

    Never give it up. Never.

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