18 months

And, according to the doctor during her visit today, still in perfect working order.

Particularly the lungs and tear ducts, what with the theatrics that went on over a stethoscope and height chart. Oh yeah, and two vaccines…. Poor thing took it like a [squawling] trooper, stayed up late at nap time and wasn’t too keen on going to sleep and hour ago either.

We now have six months until our next scheduled appointment. Subsequent daycare acquired infections not with standing.

4 responses to “18 months

  1. It’s amazing how very little affects the lungs, tear ducts, or whining. 😉

    Glad all is in good working order, though. It’s always nice to hear that.

    Using My Words

  2. I’m glad to hear the latest maintenance appointment went well. Isn’t it odd to suddenly have 6 months between appointments? When our doc said that we were like, really? Sweet. But then odd. It’s like they wean us from well baby visits, too, a gradual shift into not having her checked on every few months….

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