it’s a good thing I need new pants anyway

And so begins, officially, the seasonal dining.

Forget the weeks past of out of town family and guests. They actually eat very little and are easily satisfied [or so they claim] with a pot of pasta or roasted chicken and a box of salad. Usual fare for us. It’s the I see you almost every day, but we never really talk, so let’s all go out for lunch and not really get a chance to talk ‘cuz there’s so many of us shindigs that have to come all at once. Because, hey, it’s that time of year. Who wants to get to know your co-workers in March or August? What’s the point of that? But December! Brilliant!

Today, was a gathering of former co-workers at lunch for dim sum. Tomorrow is the gigantic Christmas party/buffet for the entire department – three floors’ worth of people. The day after is the festivities for the whole building. And we’re thinking of having a holiday lunch on Friday for our little work group.

Forget Christmas dinner itself: that’ll be turkey and salad and maybe a sweet potato for the three of us. It’s all this workday eating – and snacking! – that’ll catch up to me. But it’s not like I’ve improved my wardrobe since going back to work in June. I’ve certainly culled a fair bit that doesn’t fit me anymore, but that’s just left the clothes that were a little to bagged out to begin with.

New Year, new wardrobe. I think that’s reasonable. Remember this post? You know, about the brilliantly inspiring book that I loved to death because it made me want to go out and become me? Time has passed. And quickly at that. But that has just made things more urgent. And a few more hedgehogs will push that urgency over the edge. Because when your jeans are wearing at the seams, it’s time to move on.

2 responses to “it’s a good thing I need new pants anyway

  1. Yes, I agree, new year, new wardrobe! Don’t forget to show us what you got for yourself… 😉

  2. For me, all the eating comes from the sweets that mysteriously appear in the office. Cookies from colleagues, goodie baskets from vendors….

    It is so hard. I’m trying NOT to have to buy new clothes.

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