aaaand, we’re back into it again

Actually, Mr.Q’s mostly back into it again, since he’s the one still staying at home while I get to go off to work five days a week, nearly 10 hours a day including commute.

The eye infection is back [or never really left, depending on who you talk to] and he’s brought along his buddy, the cough. Oh joyous joys of sleepless nights and saddened creatures everywhere in this household. Eye ointment to soothe the lids – and if you thought drops were bad… holy crap, ointment SUCKS – and nibbles of honey to soothe the throat.

Except that the Magpie doesn’t really like honey.

Poor thing. Poor daycare. They are so frustrated with this one – as soon as they think they’ve sent home everyone who isn’t up to code and clean everything thoroughly, something sneaks back in. With a season of sniffles and sharing of toys, there’s just not much they can do except track you down at work in the middle of a procedure because you’re husband isn’t answering the phone.

Oh, um, not that that’s not okay, or anything…. turns out they had his cell number wrong.

But, forget malls or public transit: day care has got to be right up there as one of the easiest places to pick up the latest and greatest virus. And yet we were still so happy today when we got the call that a full time spot has been found for us at this day care starting April 1. It is a good place. They do eye drops and ointment application [once the infection is gone and it’s down to the last day or two of antibiotics, of course].

I really hope I get some sleep tonight: I’ve been more than marginally forgetful. I have, over the past little while, been collecting links of interest that come up in some of my daily wanderings. They’re mostly health related, so I thought I’d do one big [cop out] link post – guaranteed to have something for everyone to rant on. Apparently, I got tired of waiting for myself to deal with all these links cluttering up my inbox and have deleted them in the last few days…

If I remember, I may troll through my deleted mail and try to find them for Thursday…

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