mid week photo op

I’m getting there, really I am. The tree is up. The stockings are up. There are presents under the tree.

Okay, so it’s all the presents that the relatives have sent and none of ours …. um, because we have hardly bought any yet.

But it’s sinking in a little. I’ve had my eggnog lattes and I’ve attended the Christmas lunches. I’ve even caught myself humming a few of the less annoying and schmaltzy holiday tunes. And I ordered the turkey today [I think. The guy was I speaking too wasn’t terribly inspiring of confidence but, in theory, I have ordered a turkey.] By the time I figure it out, it will be Boxing Day, but that’s okay. I’m still allowed to be festive then, I’m sure.

3 responses to “mid week photo op

  1. I know what you mean….I JUST realized how close it is and I haven’t even bought the damn ham! And we’re having Christmas dinner on Christmas EVE. Crap moly!

  2. Since my husband is the cook I don’t even know what he has planned to feed the 6 adults and 3 kids for Christmas dinner.

    And we don’t have any gifts under the tree – even the mailed ones. The kids could not handle the in-your-face”ness” of it all. Oh well.

  3. I share your pain and disbelief. I tought I was done shopping until I began wrapping and realized I need a gift for a son in law! I haven’t begun food shopping and will have seventeen here on Christmas Eve and there will be eight on Christmas Day. And my baking will have to be done on Sunday…..OMG! Four days left!! Lots more wrapping to do, cleaning to do…

    But in all these years, I have always managed to be ready, regardless!

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