really, I’m not like this

The past few days have seen me rather slow and stunned and I fear that everyone who has had any contact with me – transit drivers, people on the other end of the phone, the car sales guy – all figure I’m a complete idiot. Or stoned on something.

Oh, to be stoned on something….

The only thing I can get up the energy for is to be hysterically pissed off at the commercial that shows a temporarily virus affected woman after downing a few pills – she’s better! she’s swimming! she’s heading off to work smiling! At least the commercial for this actually shows people going home and taking a sick day.

But, alas, I get no drugs. The Magpie is still breastfeeding and, being sick herself, is only breastfeeding more. We were so happy, each of us, down to once a day. But teething and pink eye and coughing has reduced her to not eating as much people food and looking a little more for the boo’. So, sigh, I suffer through.

Aren’t I just the martyr…

But even Mr.Q, should he stoop so low and to become ill, has medications that he can take. He found some last year that are compatible with his many dietary constraints. So, if he does get sick, at least one of us around here will be stoned. The rest of us will just be stunned for a few more days at least.

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