the loss of Christmas 2007

Christmas morning was good: the Magpie slept until 6:30. In the house of a week of coughing that is a miracle. We opened some presents that were pretty sweet [and a few that incited eyeball rolling, but those are to be expected]. We had a relaxed breakfast, a couple of cups of coffee, a couple of Skype video sessions with the grandparents and a phone call with my sister.

During this phone call, the Magpie and I made our way upstairs and hung out in her room. She grabbed her soothers; her bottom incisors are coming in fierce and she knows her soothers stay in her room. While she was running around it appeared as though she was holding on to one of the soothers a little oddly.

She had her finger stuck in it.

Did I mention she was cutting incisors? She had chewed her first hole in a soother. And second. And third. Guess how many soothers she had?

So, on Christmas, the Magpie got to have her first nap at home without soothers. Eventually. It took 15 minutes of crying, followed by 45 of being up. She was reaching up to the top of her bedside table and trying to open her top drawer – both former homes of her beloveds. And then it was about and another 15 minutes of crying before she finally fell asleep for and hour and a half.

After supper, we began steeling ourselves for the furor that would hit when her head hit the pillow.

She turned on her noises, turned her cheek so that I could kiss it good night. She took her kitty and her dragon for hugs and listened to her lullaby. I said good night and she waved in the dark. I left the room.

And we didn’t hear a peep.

2 responses to “the loss of Christmas 2007

  1. Oh, the transition to sleep without a pacifier! Yikes.
    Sounds like she’s taking it like a champ. So sorry to everyone about that tooth pain…

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