mid week photo op

This is the state of my bookshelves. Some books, yes, but lots of other crap on or in front of those books. My bedside table is a whole other story…

I like having books. Like CDs, I just like being able to pick them up, turn the pages [books, not CDs…] and peruse at my leisure. They’re mine. Materialistic and probably kinda snobby, but whatever. Besides, it turns out that you can do more with books than just read them: you can tell other people that you own them.

There are things on the vast interweb that are inherently good, helpful, informative and even entertaining. Then there are things that look pretty and seem like they should somehow improve my life. Yet I can find no real benefit.

Things like this.

Okay, for those of you who didn’t click over, that’s My Library on Google Books. It’s a list of books I’ve compiled from their vast Googley knowledge. They happen to be ones that I have read recently or am currently reading. I have a similar list on facebook, and I’ve never quite figured out the use of that either, other than for helping publishers and advertisers count their beans. I suppose it could include ones I want to read or ones I’ve given as gifts on this list … if I wanted.

But why?

I already own the book. I’ve already, or almost already, read it. So why list it? I have a fair number of books, but not so many that I need a list to remind me of what I own. And I have yet to come up with any good reason why anyone else out there would give a rat’s ass what fiction has kept me occupied at lunch over the past year. So I doubt I’ll keep it. Despite only having a few books listed, it’ll be let go with a sigh. It is is a pretty little thing, what with all the book covers and all. Like having books, it appears that I like listing them. But the last thing I need is something else residing in my Google account.

It’s starting to look as cluttered as my bookshelves.

5 responses to “mid week photo op

  1. Hmmm… you’ve got me thinking now – about listing books I am currently reading on my blog.

    Perhaps I should have a page on it called “Books”, and list them out – books I have recently read, books I am reading, and so on.

    Dammit. I didn’t set out this morning to do any of this, and now look what you’re making me do 🙂

  2. Hahahahahaha! Your bookshelf looks a lot like mine, but mine currently also includes a wine glass, an empty box and a stuffed toy shark. Weave these three things together in a haiku and I will send you chocolate.
    I completely concur with you about the list of books and the listing of books, I just know what I like and I like em here in my hot little hands. And really, my tastes are a little eclectic and my friends (virtual) just may run screaming if I were to divulge just exactly what it is I read. Or really, more to your point, perhaps they couldn’t give a rat’s ass what I read…

  3. I have had a lifelong love affair with books. We have two 6 foot bookcases in our living room, another 6 foot in our bedroom with a 2 shelf bookcase under the tv and bookcase headboard. The guest room has a bookcase….and then there are the ones in the rec room and the two boxes of books we haven’t unpacked since we moved in 3 years ago! There are books stacked on end tables in the living room.

    And I regularly donate to the library book sale…books I can bear to part with. I have books from my childhood. And I haunt bookstores. I have a list of books I want to read.

    But I have also created three book readers, my children. And the two grands I have that are old enough to read on their own, love to get books as gifts and to go to bookstores with me and choose things to read.

    I learned at a young age, books are loyal friends. With books you never can get bored. You can visit worlds, real or imaginary, that you would otherwise not have access to.

    And my bookshelves, along with the books they are full of pictures and keepsakes. Yours are neat by comparison!

  4. I love books too, every room in our house has books in it, even the bathroom (it has a stack of bath books for the kids, lol).

    I had to click on the photo to have a closer look and see if we have the same taste in books.. I couldn’t really read the titles etc, but I did see something very familiar and dear to my heart… U2 videos! Yeah!

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