when the soothers aren’t around

It’s all about her boo.

Which is, of course, toddler speak for boobs.

Yay me. I have once again become the Magpie’s new best friend. Because my boobs have reclaimed their rightful place as her new/old breast friends. And, as every best friend knows, you want to hang out together all the time.

Okay, she’s teething big time. She’s been sick. She’s getting back into day care a full 3 days a week. But – damn it, people! – we were down to once a day! And even that, I suspect, was optional. Now, my appearance in the room brings about hugs, kisses, smiles and the utterance of one little word with a tug at my shirt. Especially at 3:30am. And at 6:30am. And after work. And at before supper, after supper and at bath time.

And so we boo. [yes, it’s a verb, too]. Not all those times, but some. She giggles, she pats, she grabs my hand and has me brush her hair. She talks to me. She talks to them. She giggles some more. Oh, so we must be done now? NO! BOO!

Yes, she’s been teething and sick. But mama may be getting sick of this soon …

3 responses to “when the soothers aren’t around

  1. Well I just think it’s great that you are carrying on with it – I always find it amazing how many mothers don’t do it at all.

  2. Go, BOO!

    I have a little something for you today at my place.
    Come on by when you have some freedom from the boob hog.

  3. Aha, another human pacifier. Makes me wonder how we did it all those many months when it was more than once a day. Of course, we got spoiled with the one a day and so any addition is like, huh?

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