mid week photo op

Flowers! In January!

Okay, so Mr.Q brought home the daffodils the other day, because Narcissus flowers [Narcissuses? Narcissus’? Narcissi?] rock.

But they’re now blooming. And my jasmine is blooming!! I bought it last summer and it’s just sort of hung out. It’s been happy. Enough. But it hasn’t really grown. So, I’m either a miracle worker, or it’s under so much stress now that it wants to have one last kick at the can before it dies.

I prefer the former.

I’ll really believe the former when the blooms are full and the plant is still alive…

One response to “mid week photo op

  1. Oh – I firmly believe that there’s a lot to the “green fingers” thing – some people just seem able to nurture plants.

    Of course, they are the same people who don’t forget to water them, and put them somewhere sunny.

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