mid week photo op

So, I had this theory – now that I’m driving a car with a sunroof, that I would start a new set on my flickr account for Sunroof Photos – a variant of the Stop Light Photos set. I forgot to take into account that the vast majority of my commuting is still occurring in the dark, both mornings and afternoons.

So here is this week’s moon, as seen through the top of my car on my way home from work a couple of nights ago. Seriously, it looked far, far larger at the time… In the other photos I took, the autofocus preferred the spots on the glass. So, not only do I need to wait for sun to get a less grainy, I need to wait for warmth so I can open the window and avoid the splotches. Because I’m not about to start to storing my big camera in the car and stop depending on my cell phone.

3 responses to “mid week photo op

  1. Don’t know what a flickr is–but you’ll have to share more about it I guess for those of us clueless souls.

    Glad you said it’s the moon–I was thinking white speck on sunroof, or white bird WAYYYyyyy up hight LOL.

  2. Love this idea. I have a sun roof too but I never thought of pausing and looking up . . . isn’t that odd?

    Hey: I just posted a long-ish meme that I thought you’d be interested in participating.

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