while the baby’s away

Mr.Q goes on a binge.

Fortunately, the binge involves cleaning and throwing things out. He has, already, had at the computer room [though that is, really, a many day job], the basement and closet, searched online about replacing our hot water tank with one of these and overhauled the “guest room” – read: room of crap – since we actually have guests who want to stay there tomorrow.

We really should rename that room. Room of Crap sounds appropriately unappealing, right?

This was all supposed to start in December, since the Magpie had settled into daycare three days per week. Think of all that he could get done around here before going back to work in February! Then, eye infections and the Virus of Doom hit and December was a write off. So, now, with less than a month to go, he’s going at it as much as he can.

On his list tomorrow? Vacuum, get the paint brushes out of the downstairs bathroom, find the other half of the dining room table, order sushi and get a hair cut and beard trim. Oh, and don’t forget to pick up the Magpie. I’m holding out hope for everything but the hair cut & trim. The concern for the opinion of his extended family isn’t that great. And god knows mine isn’t, since I’ve only been asking him to go for a week and a half. But, we’ll see.

I’ve already had him set down the law and insist to his relatives that they arrive no later than the Magpie’s bedtime [and they’ll be cutting it damn close] if they want to come crashing in here with their excessively loud greetings and furniture banging suit cases. And asked him to vacuum and pick up. So I suppose I can over look a scraggly bit of facial hair for another day or so.

But, really, if he’s on such a cleaning binge, wouldn’t a tidy up of the ‘stache fit in nicely?

3 responses to “while the baby’s away

  1. My husband is also the primary cleaner of the house. And when he gets into serious rearranging-the-furniture mode – watch out!!

    Good luck with the visit!

  2. When he’s done with your Room of Crap, I have several Corners of Crap In Every Room that he could attend to. Or, I could get off the internet and do it myself but what fun is that?
    Much luck with the visit!

  3. We have a world of crap at the moment as we turn our house – transformer style – from “our house” into one that little children can live in somewhat safely…

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