almost a full moon

[with sincere and profound apologies to Hawksley Workman]

Okay, so by now it is the full moon but, holy shit, has it been messing with me for the past few days.

I’ve been crabby. I’ve been hormonal. My shoulders, neck and jaw are absolute wrecks. My dog and cat have been concerned – so much so that they both slept on the bed with us the other night and, bless their little hearts, screwed up my sleep and made me crabbier.

The full moon is gorgeous. We have a cold, clear sky. And I have no interest in attempting to take a photo.

All I want to take are a couple of ibuprofen and head to bed. Maybe with a little Hawksley.

Tomorrow’s a mid week photo op and Thursday will be a meme that Chicken Scratch got me onto – takes me a while to get around to them sometimes, but I do eventually!

Also, Liz and Random Musings got me onto goodreads. Hey, you can never have too many virtual bookshelves – but it looks like this one could stick.

2 responses to “almost a full moon

  1. Oooohhhhhhh it’s the full moon. Well at least I now know why. next up, wtf to do about it. Holy Basil myself I guess.

    What’s your tip? Other than advil and other?

  2. I am usually wide awake for hours throughout the night when it’s full moon. And then I’m hyper to boot during the day. Restless.

    And so far there seems to be nothing to do about it, but live through it LOL.

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