mid week photo op

This [rather blurry cell phone photo taken while commuting] is the state of most of my clothes. If there are buttons, at least one of them is missing or close to it.

And, while I manage to save most of them from an uncertain fate in the elevator, on the sidewalk or under the tire of my car, they sit in random locations throughout my house. One is in the laundry room. Several are in the bedroom. One is in the bottom of my purse and a few are in the kitchen. None are near my pathetic excuse for a sewing kit [a couple of those multi-colour packs of mini spools of thread and a set of needles]. But that’s okay. Because they probably won’t be sewn back on any time soon.

The button in this particular photo is the second one on this coat to have issues. His buddy was the bottom button and I’m not terribly concerned about putting it back on soon. But this one is second from the top. Kind of noticeable, should it go missing. So he is being coddled. I know that won’t last forever, but hopefully long enough until some friend takes pity on my and puts in a few stitches.

Because no matter how bad it may look now, I can guarantee you that it will look a million times worse after I attempt to sew it back on…

One response to “mid week photo op

  1. I was raised with the saying “A stitch in time saves nine”–now I have to explain that saying to my daughter-in-law LOL. But over-all, I’m with you. Buttons are located in varying locations in my home as well–and the likelihood of them being re-attached anytime soon, well, depends on how long the rest of my wardrobe holds out!

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