my moustache is all squeaky clean

No meme for you tonight.

I know I promised suggested that there might be one, but there have been issues.

Namely, I was out singing, came home and needed to have a shower. Not from the singing – just in general. Mr.Q had moved my stuff to the downstairs bathroom lest I wake the Magpie by showering right next to her room [normally I shower before she goes to bed]. So, tired and in a strange shower with my stuff all over the place, I washed my face. With my face wash. Then, I got a pump of shampoo. And washed my face. And found it curious that everything was so very foamy.

Yes, I shampooed my face. For a good 20 or 30 seconds before I realised what I’d done.

At least the girl doing my threading tomorrow should be impressed…

4 responses to “my moustache is all squeaky clean

  1. With only one bathroom, in between the kids’ rooms, I understand the efforts at “minimal noise”.

    I bet your ‘stache smells good too!

  2. I have washed my hair with body gel before – and not realised for quite some time.

    I have also *very nearly* squirted shaving gel into my hand instead of hair gel.

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