how to get red flags on your file at daycare

The Magpie is under the weather again. With a fever, this time. It was noticed today at daycare and I received a phone call around 9:30 this morning.

I dropped her off at 8:15.

So, by my calculations, she had the fever when I dropped her off.

[insert Horrible Mother of the Year Award, augmented by a You Stupid Woman, Don’t You Know When Your Child is Sick Certificate with Honours)]

She did doze off a bit in the car on the way in, but she had woken up a few times last night so it wasn’t unreasonable that she was tired. She had a runny nose, but she’s had that since she started daycare last November: it just goes with the territory and other two year olds. She left me willingly at daycare for her friends. But, she wasn’t the social little creature that she usually is and, apparently, sat in the same chair playing quietly for half an hour. So, the staff took her temp: 101.7 F [I haven’t bothered to convert, but even I know that’s high]

So, her dad went and picked her up. Tylenol worked its miracles and her temp crept up to 38.5 C just as the dose wore off. After a 3 1/2 hour nap this afternoon, she was back in bed by 8pm, with another bit of medicine.

Oh, and tomorrow is available at daycare if we want to pick it up….

I think it’s a test. We may be stupid enough to take her as she’s getting sick, but are we stupid enough to bring her back before she’s better??

2 responses to “how to get red flags on your file at daycare

  1. You are not stupid.
    You are human.
    Just because she had a fever of 101 (38.7*C) doesn’t mean she had it when you dropped her off. It could have been lower then. A lot can happen in an hour.
    Stop beating yourself up.
    ((hugs)) from the Mackey.

  2. Kids can spike fevers in 15 minutes! She probably did not have the fever when you dropped her off. I have seen a toddler go from seemingly perfectly healthy to 103F in a matter of 30 minutes. So, no, you did not do anything wrong. And she probably will do this to you again some day!

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