the toddler who was almost feeling all better just cried

Okay, so the Magpie is feeling a little better, ergo, so am I.

We got a humidifier last night and that, in combination with a little acetaminophen, worked wonders. There are still sniffles and a few overtired, outraged outbursts, but things are better.

I’m supposed to be looking up ferry schedules for my in-laws. They’re visiting the island this weekend and now want to do a walk on to a ferry for a trip across for the day. You know, so we can go to a ferry terminal, where there is nothing but the lines of vehicles and a convenience store, and spend an hour or two with them before they have to get back on the ferry. Factor naptime into that and it’s a silly, why-bother kind of prospect.

But, that’s just my opinion.

That is assuming, of course, that the weather behaves and we can make our way out to a ferry terminal, that the ferries are running and that the Magpie is feeling better.

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