I am sloth. I feel bad about it, but still do nothing

Okay, eventually I catch up. Christine at Chicken Scratch told me about this meme eons ago [at least, like, a week or two], so here I am finally getting around to it. It’s a birth month meme – traits are listed that are supposed to apply to you. hm…. but do they … ?

I’m October:

Loves to chat. hm. Have I had coffee yet?

Loves those who loves them. So far…

Loves to take things at the center. also likes it when things make sense. What the heck is this supposed to mean??

Inner and physical beauty. in others? like, of course. in me? aspire.

Lies but doesn’t pretend. um…. I’m having issues reconciling this …

Gets angry often. that could depend on your definition of “angry”…

Treats friends importantly. absolutely!

Always making friends. eh … kinda tough to do around these parts, actually

Easily hurt but recovers easily. nope. takes me waaaay too long to realise I’m being screwed and by that point, it’s so over

Daydreamer. that would be a yes

Opinionated. yes, but I’m a Libra: an opinionated fence sitter.

Does not care of what others think. I’d rather not, but often do

Emotional. have I had coffee yet?

Decisive. what? remember the Libra thing? Okay, sometimes I am. Sort of.

Strong clairvoyance. strong is a bit of a strong word…

Loves to travel, the arts and literature. well, yeah.

Touchy and easily jealous. have I had my coffee yet?

Concerned. just randomly and in general? no. about wars and famine and the environment? yes

Loves outdoors. as long as I can get to a real bathroom when needed

Just and fair. okay

Spendthrift. despite my desires

Easily influenced. sadly, more often than I catch myself

Easily loses confidence. yep

Loves children. who’s going to say no to this one?? besides, I have The Most Awesome Child!

So, where do you fit in? The list is here.

2 responses to “I am sloth. I feel bad about it, but still do nothing

  1. Dude, I’m also an October and I must say I fit more in the November list of traits. Seeing that I’m only a few days from a November birthday perhaps that’s why? Changes my whole outlook on life…was I born too early?

    I do adore that most of yours depends on the coffee intake though.

  2. Libra! me too! And coffee…my life’s blood.
    Decisive…if I absolutely have to be. I am off to try this meme!

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