getting my ass kicked makes my throat sore

And my glands swollen and my ears achy. The Magpie is almost completely better and I’m still using antibiotic eye drops and sucking back lozenges like they might line my intestines with gold.

Mr.Q is faring no better, now battling the same bug and, instead of lozenges, imbibing in excess dairy. Not. Good.

So we are so in love with daycare. The Magpie came home today in her spare shirt since the one we sent her in was covered in water based paint. Today they did marble painting. [and no one has any clue what that means…] They went for a walk outside. They had a nap and they had circle time. And she was happy. ‘Cuz we don’t do marble painting around here. We don’t even own a glue stick, never mind marbles and child safe paint. Okay, maybe we do have a glue stick but, if we do, it’s taken a beating and is pathetically hiding under a desk somewhere. Kinda like the Magpie’s parents.

She also came home with a Valentines List: I have 14 little cards to buy for 14 under 3 year olds and figure out how to get the Magpie to sign them. I don’t sign Mr.Q’s name to the Christmas and birthday cards and I’m not about to start signing the Magpie’s name to her Valentines cards either! But, at the rate art projects are going, she should have no problem signing her name.

Maybe as long as we try to get her signatures using water based paints…

3 responses to “getting my ass kicked makes my throat sore

  1. Ooooo….marble painting!
    I know what that is.
    You put your paper in a tray, dip your marble in the paint, put mnarble in tray & roll it all over & make cool designs!

    My peronal fave is bubble painting.
    It’s when you fill a bowl with non toxic paint & soap. You take a straw & blow bubbles then set the paper on top of the bubbles.
    Then you have a really cool bubble print on the paper.

    Ya, I am a crafty gal=P

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