I’m not sure if my coworkers are going to be happy or not…

My throat gets sorer. [is “sorer” a word??]

I’m going to have to start talking less. I’m often accused of speaking too quietly – and quickly – as it is and I fear that things are about to only get worse.

I am not the World’s Best Speaker. I recognize that. I can speak up and slow down, but I don’t have a lot of modulation normally and, if I try to correct that, I end up sounding like an over the top pre-recorded message. WELcome to the GREATest PLACE on EARTH!!!!!!!

Were I terribly interested in modifying my speech, I’d probably join Toastmasters, like Mr.Q. He’s been a member for years now and, although he still isn’t a fan of public speaking, he’s much better at it. Part of me thinks I should join a club, though. I know I have bad tendencies – the same ones my mother and my sister have, since no one can tell us apart on the phone. Do I want the Magpie to mimic me?

It’s hardly like I’m suffering for it, but it may be one of those things that I’ll never know unless I make the changes. Could I be taken more seriously? More openly? More attentively? Maybe. Maybe not.

But, in the mean time, I’ll need to get my voice back before I even contemplate messing with it.

3 responses to “I’m not sure if my coworkers are going to be happy or not…

  1. We’ve got the cough/sore throat/fever going through our family right now. My throat still feels like I swallowed shards of glass while one son is laying on the sofa with a fever and a juicy cough.

    Do you have to give speeches for your work? Why not write them and give them to someone else to read?

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