Mr.Q goes back to work, we order out for supper

Thus, Mr.Q’s first day back at work in over eight months has ended with take out Chinese food and a lunch packing assembly line. We suspect that the latter part is now how the vast majority – if not all – of our week nights will be spent. We have to get our butts in gear about the dinner thing, though.

It was the dog who we were really worried about today, but he [and our carpet] seems to have survived the ordeal unscathed. Despite getting used to odd schedules that included many more trips outside than the average workday allows, he held his own all day. Quite well, thank you. He and the cat probably had a party – I really should set up the webcam…

Daycare was the same ol’, same ol’ as always and Mr.Q managed to reclaim his desk from a wayward co-op student. He still has to locate a few items that he thought were stored securely in his locked filing cabinet but, aside from a few misplaced personal items, he is already back in meetings and booking his schedule.

So, this work thing could work for us. The double pay cheque thing will definitely work for us and I think that everyone – even the dog – will be settled in soon.

Yeah. Check back at the end of the week and see if we’re scraping our suppers out of the bottom of the fridge.

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