let them eat cheese

The Magpie is barely over a year and a half old and has been going to day care for less that four months. But, this coming Thursday will be the second potluck party we contribute to on her behalf in that short time.

First, the Christmas party – that we at least got to partake in – and now, the Valentine’s snack. We signed up under the cheese and cracker column. Because I can do good kiddie cheese and crackers. None of this fancy soft stuff that needs to be roasted with garlic and served with fancy knives that I don’t own. None of this sharp or pungent or veined stuff that could either repel or attract rabid wild animals – and you wouldn’t know until it was too late. And crackers – ha! Do you think toddlers care if there are corners broken off?

Kudos to those who signed up for fruits and veggies or baked goods, but I’ll be slicing a little soft cheese and putting out some small crackers Thursday morning and leaving it at that. Because in addition to not being too picky, toddlers don’t seem to eat a whole heck of a lot.

I think I’ll sign up for cheese and crackers next time too…

3 responses to “let them eat cheese

  1. On the one hand, how annoying to have to set up a party for toddlers every few weeks.

    On the other, toddlers seem to prefer eating as if they were at a cocktail party anyway – grazing over cheese and chunks of fruit while stumbling around and babbling nonsense – so it makes perfect sense.

  2. I think that is very smart! And really, you’re just providing food for the staff since kids DON’T appear to actually eat.

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