mid week photo op – today, with more photos

This was the scene at the end of my work day – after a day of even uglier chaos. Early, early this morning, like at 2:30am when very few people were around, an explosion went off in the building behind the one I work in. Half a block of ground floor businesses were blown out and several second floor business were affected and, needless to say, the rest of the building was off limits. Stores across the streets to the north and west were hit with flying glass and had their own glass fronts shatter. A window in the 6th floor of a kitty-corner hotel blew out from the shock waves.

I got to pay nearly $20 for parking at a nearby mall, with almost all of my other co-workers. Only those who took transit – and even that was messy and rerouted – arrived on time this morning. By the end of the day all the streets were open, but the sidewalk was still closed and it will depend on structural stuff how soon the buildings will be opened.

Not that any of those stores will be open again any time soon: windows, doors and furniture were all in the middle of the road this morning.

Starbucks at least [can’t see it in the pic, but the link up top shows it] won’t be too bothered. A few weeks ago, they just opened another store a block and a half away.

5 responses to “mid week photo op – today, with more photos

  1. Wow – how awful. So sorry for the hassle but I’m glad no on was hurt (right?).

  2. so far as I know, no one was hurt – thank god, or this would have been an entirely different story. there were people in the area, but all the stores were closed.

  3. oh, and the reports are now saying that it looks like the blast that was started in a restaurant was intentional, too … who has it in for a Mexican fast food place?

  4. How frightening….what a sad world we are all living in. I am so glad no one was hurt and that your place of business was safe.

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