the sky isn’t visible from here

This post title is the real title of the latest book that the Parent Bloggers Network sent my way. The Sky Isn’t Visible from Here is an offering – a life baring, nothing held back kind of offering – from Felicia Sullivan.

The first quote on the back of the book jacket is from Dani Shapiro: Read this book at your own peril. It will keep you awake at night and haunt your dreams.

So. Not. Kidding.

This story is Felicia’s; it’s about her life as a child with her mother, without her mother, around her mother’s family and her mother’s men. It’s not in chronological order, but that has no detrimental effect on the vignettes that are set down, each stark naked and raw. Each moment is given as what it is and there is no choice but to take it in. And this is so achingly, gorgeously written, I had no choice but to keep reading.

But I had to read in brief passages. I could not take in too much at once. And it did [does] haunt me. Forget your dreams, this one will hit you in the waking hours too. I wanted to savour her words and phrases but, when strung together, the content was better had in small doses. It felt almost like a failing on my part that I couldn’t handle her story, whole. But it’s inspiring to read a book that forces me to take my time with it while keeping me focussed – instead of one that hauls my generally short attention span along to an ending I figured out in the third chapter – and spacing out the scenes just made sense. And made them better. [and it is so difficult to use that word “better” in the context of her story]

I feel like this is such a rip off of a review, due to its lack of length, but there is nothing else I can say without going off on some great tirade or reiterating the entire book. There are no character analyses to be pondered nor plot twists to question. This was and is this woman’s life. And she is an amazingly strong and inspiring survivor.

And an amazingly brilliant writer.

One response to “the sky isn’t visible from here

  1. Jenn,
    I loved your sweet note on GoodReads, and I loved your review now. Thank you so much for your kindness, for your support, it means the world đŸ™‚

    And Brilliant Writer??!! Well, well, you just went and made my day.

    Warmly, Felicia

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