an open letter, in guilt and near-resignation

Dearest Hawksley,

Please forgive the presumption of addressing you on a first name basis, but the whole pseudonym thing seems to make the familiarity a little less invasive.

I have this pathological unfortunate tendency to admit to my failings and I find myself needing to do so again. And it involves you. And, really, it’s better to just come out and say it:

Unlike the majority voting for their favourite song on your new album, some lapse – some gross error, neglect or karmic backlash – has left me unable to fully appreciate piano blink.

I have tried to come to terms with piano blink since Between the Beautifuls arrived at my door and even waited to see the video before writing this. And the video kicks ass. And the song itself is catchy and insidious infectious memorable. But something in it causes a disconcerting reflex reaction. And, while I have theories that don’t bear expansion here, I have truly yet to put a firm finger on the It that is the issue.

Perhaps I haven’t been able to give it enough of a chance in my near music-less 9-5 and surrounding hours of toddler requests for itsty-bitsy spider. Perhaps I just want so badly to skip forward to pomegranate daffodil or back to oh you delicate heart that it has been lost in the shuffle. Perhaps I have no excuse other than that I am getting crotchety and narrow minded in my old age. Perhaps the more I find myself humming it [did I mention insidious catchy?] the more it will grow on me. Perhaps when seen live, it will get past the unfortunate association filters that warp it and I will finally have a piano blink epiphany.

That is, of course, if you’re allowing dissenters into the shows. Maybe those who have had their tickets prominently displayed in the kitchen weeks in advance?

Gods and security guards willing, I’ll be there. I just may not be singing along quite as emphatically to one song…

Humbly requesting forgiveness in advance,

2 responses to “an open letter, in guilt and near-resignation

  1. On a side note, we quite often whistle tunes at work with the express idea of getting the tune into other people’s heads… it’s a nasty game, but makes us laugh.

  2. B put a song in my head yesterday that just won’t leave…Baby Don’t You Cry from the Waitress soundtrack. Katie is quite taken with it…even tries to sing in in her toddlerese. Sometimes those songs just won’t go away.

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