remember the first few months of breastfeeding?

The aching nipples, unused to such … vacuum-esque … attention. The notion that toothless gums are actually sharp. The aching nipples, misshapen with incessant and lengthy abuse use. The aching, aching nipples. And, oh yeah, the leaking. And more like nine or ten months of that.

Nearly 21 months into this whole parenting thing, the ache seemed like so long ago and had almost faded into one of those nah, it couldn’t’ve been that bad memories that make people go out and have more kids.

But, in the past week, the Cold has struck in conjunction with the Teething [incisors, anyone?]. And she has had a little more boo than either of us are accustomed to. Once or twice a day has snuck up to three or four times a day and the boobs have taken notice. But not protested terribly. So when the Magpie asked for boo this morning after a little walk gone crankily awry, who was I to deny her? And so I sat on the couch for over two and half hours as she napped. Stuck on me. So, yeah, now they are protesting.

But I did get to watch a couple of hours of Big People television with nary a computer animated character in sight.

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