my kid kicks ass

So, I’ve been handed the task of bragging about my child for a Parent Bloggers Network Blog Blast.

Oh, darn.

And, after today, I would so rather focus on her than the rather stupidly crappy day I had [nothing bad, just a bunch of obnoxious little things].

Can a 21 month old have strengths? Okay, that seems a little early. But there’s a book that encourages finding and nurturing her strengths instead of “working on” – or focusing on, as it were – her presumed failings. When, really, working with her strengths could find a way to work with things that aren’t quite to strong! More to come here later, and more at the Parent Bloggers Network, too.

But this is a post about the Magpie’s strengths. So, here goes.

The Magpie is:

  • wicked smart, of course. She’s picking up words a mile a minute and, though we don’t understand them all immediately, she makes sense and asks for clarification of things she doesn’t quite get.
  • in love with painting and drawing. Hers and mine: I get commissioned to do specific works and she will take over to fill in the piece or start a whole new one of her own. She loves watching paint colours mix in the water and carefully chooses shades for each mark.
  • in love with nearly everyone. It’s difficult to think of anyone she doesn’t like. It may take a few minutes, but she’ll be talking away to people like they were her long lost friends. She hugs all her buddies at day care [she kind of stalks one … but that’s beside the point]
  • a trooper. Despite the entry into the Terrible Twos, all fits are short-lived and she’s made her way through the most of her teething and colds and flus with little complaint.

Need more bragging? Check out the Blog Blast – and you have just under four hours to put your own up!

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