5 responses to “to whomever placed their toothpaste box back under the bathroom sink after removing the tube of toothpaste for use

  1. This happens around your house, too?

    For me, it rates right up there with discovering that someone has opened a fresh box of Cheerios when there’s one half-full still in the cupboard.

    Good luck with the training program!

  2. Same word applies to whomever it was at my house who left the icetray in the freezer EMPTY.

  3. Or puts the completely empty gallon milk jug back in the fridge, so that I think I don’t need to get more as I’m going to the store. Perfect SS!

  4. Same thing with the person who puts the empty margarine container back empty, leading me to think we don’t need more.

  5. LOL, this made me laugh so much!

    My pet peeve is the laundry that gets put on top of the hamper, but not in it.. or the toilet roll on top of the holder, but not in it. Irritating!

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