a sudden full day of mama

I’m back on mama duty tomorrow – for the entire day.

Holy shit.

Mr.Q and I have each done a couple of half days during these recent sick days and occasional daycare crisis [we don’t get full time until April 1], but an entire day??? That’s just crazy.

So, I have the day half planned:

  • Breakfast.
  • Starbucks.
  • At 9:30, there’s play gym and she loves it. Or, she loves going to it with her father. I’ve never taken her to this exact class and things are always different with mama. But, by the time we get there and back, we will have amused ourselves for a good couple of hours and tired ourselves out for a nice snack, followed by some books or video downtime.
  • Lunch.
  • Nap. A nice long one, since we – remember? – tired ourselves out at play gym. [I’m staking a fair bit in this, I know…]
  • ….. after nap …. I’m screwed. The weather is supposed to be nice, but chilly. And, since strollers now suck, mittens suck and toques are only temporary, we can only take a short walk. The mall? The garden store? Coffee shop across the street from Starbucks and has kid’s stuff and a terribly entertaining piano? A little repotting of some sadly unattended plants? A little painting or playdough?

By the time we spend five minutes on each of those things, plus another snack, Mr.Q should be on his way home.

In time for his dinner so he can head out to play soccer.

One response to “a sudden full day of mama

  1. I can only dream of planning days to that level. Our main concern – wherever we go – tends to be where the nearest toilets are.

    Yesterday we were about to leave the garden center when the youngest said “need wee”. We trooped half a mile across the site to the toilets, and then she didn’t go.

    That’s about as much planning as we ever do now… figuring out where toilets are.

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