queen of the construction paper

Oh, yeah, baby. I broke out the construction paper and the glue stick. That’s how we spent our time this afternoon in my post-nap what the hell are we going to do now??? phase.

Fortunately the Magpie is only a year and a half. She has no idea how incredibly un-crafty that I am. I cut out – and I use the term loosely – triangles and rhombuses rhombi rhombuss’s four-sided shapes that weren’t really square. I cut out two incredibly lopsided stars and a flower that Mr.Q assumed to be a sun. And that was really, really generous of him.

And we walked the dog and made supper. Psh. We had this stay-at-home thing down after nearly 9 months back at work. Okay, so we blundered through gym class this morning after trying to go on the equipment a few minutes early [serious no-no]. We ran out of banana [I only took one!] and all our attempts to beep beep dada this afternoon ran afoul of his voicemail. But the day was good. And she didn’t ask once for her daycare friends – something she’s done for the past two weekends.

And, tomorrow’s daycare.

One response to “queen of the construction paper

  1. Hooray! Congrats on what sounds like a fun-filled day. I love how she misses her friends like that. So sweet.

    As for crafting…I can’t wait for Katie to get to the point where we can use real crayons, the tiny kind. I’m sorta over the three shades of orange in a box of 16 crayons that we have right now. They are too thick. THat’s what I’m telling myself when I stray outside the lines at least…

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