mid week photo op

Okay, so it’s a Q-Tip, not a sterile swab. And you’re supposed to swab the inside of your cheek, not the corner of your mouth. And I’m not nearly as pissed off about it as I look here.

This article, though, goes into a little more detail about the One Match program in Canada that sends out buccle swabs to prospective stem cell and marrow donors so that they can send in their own samples to go into the databases. Yeah, I’m not the ethnically diverse that they’re discussing, but I like to think I still sort of fit the young part… mostly. There’s a lot more information about it here.

I did this just after Christmas. Because I don’t really donate blood all that well – no one ever gets enough out of me to be useful – and, while all blood types are useful, mine is not the type to be called upon for the emergency room or major trauma stuff, so I’ve coddled my guilty conscience in the knowledge that I’m not O negative.

So, I’ve got my name on their list and my DNA marker information in their [Canadian] database. I’m a potential stem cell or marrow donor. Are you?

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