60 minutes

We go into Daylight Saving Time this weekend. And, we are supposed to attend a 2 year old’s birthday party that afternoon. After naptime. Which will now be happening an hour “later” than usual.

I’m never really sure why we still have Daylight Saving Time, other than the fact that everyone* is doing it, so we should too. That kind of logic was lost on my parents when I was in high school and they seem to have managed to drill the notion that it is not necessary to follow the herd into my head – particularly with things that just don’t make a hell of a lot of sense. And I still think that a 16 year old wanting to go to a friend-of-a-friend’s boyfriend’s cousin’s house for an under-aged parentless party still makes more sense than the notion of changing all our clocks and appliances by one hour twice a year.

But, I’m not about to alter the wishes – or at least the actions – of a continent by this weekend. So, I’ll just have to hope we get to at least part of the birthday party.

**except Saskatchewan. Who’d’ve thought they’d have the right of it??

2 responses to “60 minutes

  1. I don’t understand the time changes. It’s just a pain in the neck for everyone.

  2. Always takes me weeks to adjust at eithe rend of it. i hateit…and energy savings? We just burn the lights in the morning instead of the evening. And in summer, it doesn’t cool off as quickly with the sun staying up unitl 9:30 PM! I hate it!

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