another mark on the file

We send lots of good food with the Magpie to day care. We keep her diaper cubby stocked and we labelled all her spare clothes, her blanket, all the shoes she wears. She has one of her favourite kitties to sleep with. We always sign her in and out, always pay for our extra days on time and I just volunteered for the parent advisory committee.

But, we have sent her in sick. Strike One.

And now, this afternoon, we received a phone call from the day care requesting that we dress her in a heavier coat or, perhaps, send an extra fleece because, really, the weather changes so fast and it can still be a bit cold out when they go out for walks.

Strike Two.

This is the same coat we’ve been sending all winter but, now that it’s spring-ish, they’re heading back outside. Regardless of the actual temperature. And, yeah, it’s still a little cold out some days. So we have been sending our little girl out into the big, chilly spring, under-dressed. That means she’ll probably get sick again. And if we send her in sick?

Strike Three.

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