but I don’t suck all *that* bad

We’ve been slowly adjust the Magpie to the time change and, while it’s getting better, she’s tired at odd times and not napping well at day care [not not well enough that anyone said anything – we asked because of how strange bed time was at home – this isn’t strike three … yet].

So, last night, I put her to bed a half an hour early. We’ve started reading her book in bed and then turning out her light before I sing her song to go to sleep. She’s been okay as long as your there, rubbing her back, talking to her, singing to her and generally in the room. But, last night as soon as I the first few words of her song left my mouth, for the first time in 21 months and 6 days, she looked up at me and cried NO!!!

I was confused. No? No blanket? No, hon, it’s sleepy time…. oh, uh, no… you mean no SONG?

To which she gave an emphatic yes! and put her head back down to sleep. I offered a soothing goodnight and left the room.

And she was not heard from again until 6:40 this morning.

So, this evening, as I’m out trying to sing at class, [yeah, we get the irony], Mr.Q is given the brush off when he tries to read to her, but is encouraged to sing.

Now, I swear to god, I can carry a tune at least well enough so that most children aren’t compelled to beg me to stop. I may not be worthy of a microphone, but I don’t suck all that bad. I just have issues doing it loudly enough for, well, anyone, to hear it. Except, of course the Magpie or Mr.Q. Hence the classes. But, it seems there is a new critic in the house, and a rather vocal one at that.

We’ll see how fickle she is when I’m the one putting her to bed tomorrow night.

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