Oh, I am sooooo very, very late……

I decided to put together a photobook for a co-worker who will be retiring. Soon. So very, very soon. I have all the photos and most of them are even uploaded. Now, I just have to actually put the book together.

You wouldn’t think that’d be difficult, now would you?

I’ll try and get a start on it tonight, but tomorrow is definitely out of the question. Oh yeah, and there will be no mid week photo op tomorrow as I have scraped together a semblance of a life and will be going out to a concert. And out to dinner before! Without Mr.Q – with my friend, his cousin, instead. heh.

Hey, don’t give me that – he’s been out at a gaming night since I set foot in the door after work today. I’m still not sure why online gaming is better is a group, but I’ve decided it’s probably better not to ask too many questions…

Check back Thursday – here’s hoping I can sneak of decent cell phone pics.

One response to “slacker

  1. Perhaps they have all realised that playing games online is still a “billy no mates” experience.

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