please bear with

Nothing tragic going on around here, other than the extensive use of tissues and the occasional dizzy spell brought on by too much sneezing, not enough sleep due to lack of breathing and suspected inner ear involvement. It’s allergy season and, for some freakish reason, the freakish responses I had last year [what with the never-before-seen asthma and all] are raging in the form of insane sinus issues and scratching at the eyeballs.

My doctor doesn’t seem to think that it’s the worse case she’s ever seen, but I’m sure she’s just trying to make me feel better.

So, I’m on drugs. But they take up to three days to kick in. So …. I’ll be around. Just maybe not terribly coherent as I run around looking for the elusive new box of tissue and get interrupted mid-sentence by a fit of sneezing requiring a 2 minute recovery period.


When next I appear: the Magpie’s scheduled surgery.

2 responses to “please bear with

  1. Being ill is horrible. I seem to have been surrounded by people with coughs and colds for the last several months.

    If you feel crappy and want a chat, I’m on IM during the day (back at work!!)

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