birds do it, bees do it …

Well, I’ll start with a couple of follow ups to the last post.

1. The drugs are slowly kicking in. Oh yeah. One of my friend’s favourite sayings: better living through medicine.

2. We have scheduled a minor surgery for the Magpie. The tear duct in her right eye isn’t draining properly and may have contributed to the marathon session of eye infections that we had over Christmas. So, in 10 minutes on April 18th, all will be made better. Not that it will be fun, but it will be quick.

Now, with reference to the post title birds do it, bees do it … all bloggers staring at their screens blankly do it …

I’m officially taking a bit of a break.

Not forever, but I’m not sure for how long. I have the vague notion of coming back part time a la SMUB, as I doubt that I can quit this thing cold turkey. But I can’t, in good conscious, keep up the daily thing. I’ll still be around on the sadly neglected other blogs and flickr – they may all see a little more attention now.

In such a selfish medium [really, who else puts up with my venting?], it feels rather selfish to take a break from it. How does that work? But, I need to. There’s stuff to be done, photos and other words to be tended to. And blogs to read. I keep on the theme of using old song titles: I don’t get around much anymore. And you guys are all still writing brilliantly, so this may even free up a little time so that I can read all you lovelies in the blogroll and even – gasp! – comment a bit more.

So, thanks for putting up with my rants and my whims and I’ll see you all when I get back!

7 responses to “birds do it, bees do it …

  1. Dang – I’m so out of it I didn’t realize you were taking a break. Had you noticed I was doing the same thing?

    Rest up and come back soon.

  2. Feeling better? How did little lady’s procedure go? Night and day for my little lady. Ear/eye infections vanished after her ear tubes went in.

    Come back.

  3. Adding to the voices to say I miss reading! Hope you’re enjoying your break!

    Also, sorry for the generic comment coming up here…

    I know either you read my blog at times and/or I really enjoy YOUR blog. I need to make my blog private for a time and possibly move to a new URL. Let’s just say that mean people really suck.

    If you are interested in reading/continuing to read (even ocasionally, no commitment for daily reading required!) I want to invite you to my private blog.

    Please go to my site via my name here in the comments and follow the directions.

    Sorry to be such a pain. 😛

    Have a happy day!

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