you can take the girl away from blogging for a month…

But it’s damn difficult to take the blogging out of the girl.

I’ve missed you guys!

Having said that, once I wasn’t posting here, I was pretty much off the blogging circuit in general. I tried to get around and visit, but April – though hardly busy in any definable sense – was a crazy month. Mr.Q has worked a tonne of overtime and we have both had events to attend while trying to maintain regularly scheduled stuff.

So, it’s a damn good thing I wasn’t trying to blog through this past month anyway, because I really would have sucked at it.

What have you missed?? Well, the Magpie’s tear duct surgery has been postponed until Juen due to a bout of virus. She now has two freckles and is working furiously on growing those last molars. There is nothing profound but there are so many little things … and I won’t get to them all tonight. Sufficed to say that I have missed this outlet and I have missed reading along with all of you. The whole notion of a blogging community is still so amazing to me when I take the time to sit back and think about it, and even Mr.Q no longer finds it odd when I refer to You-of-the-Online-World by your names – real or blog names – as though I just had coffee with you.

While having brunch with a friend and her new man the other day, my friend accused me of and/or blessed me with having the most extensive online presence of anyone she knew. I almost fell out of my chair laughing, thinking about so many people and places out there in the vast interweb who have far more profound and well known online personas than I. But, from her point of view – and from those of pretty much everyone else I know if the real world – I probably do have an unfathomable online presence. And by “unfathomable”, I, of course, mean in the why the hell are you doing all that?!! kind of way…

But, what do I know? Most of those same people, if not all, have little to no knowledge of two of my blogs and a good chunk of them don’t interact with me on either through social networking or photography. And if they don’t know those parts of me, perhaps they all have their own little online empires of which I know nothing!

As if I have the time to figure that out; the online lives of friends and co-workers can remain a mystery for a little while longer. But, I am making the time to come back to Quarter Rest. I can’t come back every day, though. Things are still busy around here, but I’ve decided that I’ll post a few times a week and one of those should [I hope] be a podcast or video.

So, thank you guys for your comments, your kicks in the ass and for checking up on me. See you around the interweb soon.

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