free to a good home

One senile spunky, grooming challenged long haired, arthritic non-jumping, insomniac alert cat.

Okay, really, I’m kidding. [but may be willing to consider your offer none-the-less…] Our darling kitty, though, has taken to trying to outstrip the ever-earlier sunrise and decided that 3:20am is a damn fine time to demand breakfast. Pre-baby, this behaviour would simply have been ignored to met with a flying shoe. Now, though, any unacceptable behaviour on our part, leads said cat to take her complaints to the Magpie’s room.

So, no, we don’t get up, but the cat does get a handful of treats to shut her up.

Funny how that works.

But, then I am up. At 3:21. In the morning. Earlier this week, the Magpie had one night of difficult sleeping and then Mr.Q had two mornings of Very Early Starts. Combine that with our dear cat’s new eating habits and I am completely exhausted. I’m making it through the day, but barely.

So, that is my excuse for not having completed my tagged assignment from Random Musings. I have something in mind, but no mind to work with. I’m going to bed very, very soon. Wish me luck.

One response to “free to a good home

  1. Animals are damn crafty when they want to be, aren’t they. Our cat seems to delight in lashing out at our youngest child (caused by child, it has to be said) – then after we have told her off and to leave the cat alone, the cat perversely becomes her best friend and follows her everywhere.

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