the wet and the dry

We have had some modicum of success with the potty training. But it has come with a few accidents, a few tears and the likelihood of years of therapy.

Diapers are good. Diapers are needed. Not having diapers is very, very, very upsetting. So, we were upset a little bit this weekend.

Going commando – No Diaper Days! – was fun. Until the potty was required.

Sitting on the potty was fun. Until the Moment of Truth.

So what have we learned? The Magpie has a huge bladder and is capable of holding out for many, many hours. She can use the potty and is [sort of] happy when she does. She would much rather have a diaper. Our friends who did the Weekend Warrior Method of Potty Training have some explaining to do.

It wasn’t a total bust. We had progress but tomorrow she heads back to day care. Where they have potties, but they don’t have half an hour at a time to dedicate to chilling out on the potty. So, now that we have started this, it must continue.

I’m going to be doing lots of laundry.

3 responses to “the wet and the dry

  1. Twin boys – decided together at 3 years, 3 months and a few days (the day before US Thanksgiving) they were ready. They have the smallest bladders in the world and while they did it in 5 days they have to go ALL THE TIME. Even as 7 year olds. Drives me nuts.

    Darling 4 year old – trained herself in 2 days flat before at 3 and can go HOURS without peeing. I’m the same way so I don’t worry.

    I take the “they are ready” approach. Good luck and hang in there.

  2. my grandmother potty-trained me when i was visiting India, and then trained my brother when she was visiting. my mom has no idea how she did it, and my grandmother passed on, so i’m definitely not looking forward to when i have kids and have to train them with no advice from mom.

    good luck to you!

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