time passes

The Magpie is now two. She has been since last Friday and I am barely catching up with that fact. We had the presents, we had the party and the company and we recovered, cleaned up, cleaned up some more and made our way back to work today.

Tomorrow is a baby shower I’ve been planning and then we start getting ready for a quick weekend away.

Since setting up for her surgery last Wednesday, we’ve barely done anything more than get through the day and attempt to plan for the next.

But the Magpie is now two.

Two years ago, this was me. And this was her.

And that is freaking awe-inspiring, mind-boggling and simply insane.

4 responses to “time passes

  1. Many Happy Birthday Greetings to you all!
    It’s amazing, isn’t it? Two. So big. Just like yesterday but then again, can’t remember life without her.

  2. Happy Birhtday, Magpie. Two is a magical age…but then life with children is magical. I hope you all had a wonderful celebration!

  3. Wow.
    It seems like ot was only a few months ago that you were h just giving birth to her!
    Time flies!

  4. No, I am sorry, you cannot have a two year old. I started reading your blog before the Magpie was the Magpie and I simply cannot believe that we have been parents that long. Not to mention that means that the Creep is only 6 months older than her…that can’t be right. She is a baby!

    Happy Birthday!

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