done and almost done

The Magpie turned two and the breastfeeding stopped.

Her choice, not mine.

She just decided that even once a day was no longer necessary and it was far better to simply get up and go downstairs for breakfast. Other than the odd query in the afternoon when she is overtired or her teeth are bugging her [and she doesn’t question it when I tell her ‘no’], she seems perfectly happy to move on.

Now, I just have to convince my boobs that they’re production facilities are no longer required…

4 responses to “done and almost done

  1. We’ve been really lucky – our girls arrived just past that age. I’m not sure what my better half would have done if the youngest had tugged at her top lol

  2. Two years is a good run! Have any mixed emotions? I know it was a relief to get my body back, but I had been the one to stop it because I Was Done.

    Good luck communicating with your mammaries.

  3. yeah …. about all that…

    Spoke too soon. The very next morning, she’s back on the boo’. After a week without and no queries! Can’t figure the kid out some days.

  4. Can I tell you how many times we’ve been “done” ?
    I’m in another stretch here (two days without it!) so we’ll see…

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