of aging

This is Leo the Shiba Inu. He is now 12 years old and, two years ago, it was confirmed that he has severe arthritis in both his hips.

In the two years since, that arthritis has gotten much, much worse.

His regular meds aren’t cutting it anymore. The meds that will help are bad for his kidneys and, since he’s now 12, those aren’t working so well either.

So, we’re trying to come to a happy medium. The big word there is happy. Because right now, he isn’t. He paces, he fusses and he pants. He’s off his food sometimes, and doesn’t care as much for ours. But he is still a saint. He hasn’t grumbled and he hasn’t snarked at anyone – even little toddlers who come and give him hugs and get up in his face [because we’re not always as fast as the toddler, though she, too, is very gentle with him]. But he is not happy.

He is now on the anti-inflammatory meds that may not be so good for his kidneys. We’re not checking for 6 weeks to see if there is any effect. I figure the vet is on a ignorance is bliss trip: get his comfortable first and then worry about if there was an effect on the kidneys. He is on increased dose of his pain management. And we’ll see how that goes. We have some room to maneouver if he doesn’t feel better, but not much. In a few more days, these drugs had all better kick in.

Because, when you’re a 12 year old Shiba Inu with sketchy kidneys and a heart irregularity, a double hip replacement isn’t really much of an option.

2 responses to “of aging

  1. Poor sweet puppy. It’s so hard to watch such a beloved member of your family age and live in pain. 😦 Here’s to finding a happy medium.

  2. It is hard to see a pet decline and suffer. Five years ago, we had to make the decision with our beloved 17 year old mutt…and I still miss her so.

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