trying *again*

I tried this twice earlier today on my lunch break – this emailing in my blog posts – but apparently I had the address wrong.  That, at least, explains why it didn't work… 

Every now and then I have these brilliant ideas at lunch and have the time to post them, but not the technology.  My Palm, alas, is not well equipped for the web.  I can do some stuff, like small emails and updating my facebook status or slowly, slowly commenting on a few flickr photos, but accessing blogging platforms is not part of the package.  So when email had the potential to come in handy [albeit in small doses], I figured I may as well give it a try.

Besides, it makes up for the fact that I was going to post a video or audio bit yesterday but was stalled by lack of time and the advent of a nasty summer cold. 

Now, let's see if this works…

One response to “trying *again*

  1. Looks like it worked to me.

    I use my mobile phone sometimes for the same purposes – which is why I eventually bought an EEE PC so I can sit in cafe’s and surf “normally” (and slooowwwlllyyy)

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